Mississippi: October of 2012 presented us with a conundrum: the family business was being sold, and James needed to find a new job. As we walked through a suburban neighborhood of matching brick homes on Halloween evening, watching our 3 kids trick or treat, James said, “You know, I think I want to actually use my degree and go into videography.” I got that sinking feeling one gets when faced with something new and uncertain. I didn’t think he was serious, but as the next two months passed, and we discussed it more and more, I realized that this man was willing to risk everything to follow his dream, to become his own boss, and build something with his own hands.

North Carolina: August 2015 finds us in our third year. My fears, it turns out, were for nothing, and we have been blessed with this blooming business to tend and grow. Thanks to the many people who have put their stories in our hands, we are able to build something from the ground up, putting all our hearts into it, and working together as we go. It is, in fact, what we had always hoped to do ~ truly a prayer answered.


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